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Extrema Ratio is specialized in the development and production of professional knives for military, public security and rescue use. We produce high-level military, tactical and hunting knives as well as a great range of solid knives suitable for the toughest of environments, making them a great choice for a survival knife or a backup tool. The range goes from small folders to large Kukris, offering exactly what you expect from a high-end professional tool.

Extrema ratio

[ Latin - /ekˈstrɛ.ma ˈrat.t͡sjo/ ] noun - Latin expression, often used with the meaning of “last solution, extreme remedy”, to which we appeal when there are no other ways out.


Our philosophy is to produce technical equipment of excellent functional value, long operational life and quality consistency. These factors, over time, have become witnesses of our philosophy, based on the quality and uniqueness of each individual piece. Our products are professional technical tools, designed and built to solve problems.


There are unique lines that characterize and distinguish our production. The high level of quality is given by the functionality of the projects, the choice of the best materials and the most modern treatments applied to our knives. We produce few items because we believe in their peculiarity; each one of these is designed for a specific use.


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