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The following is a non-exhaustive list of warnings regarding the use of a knife. We urge you to read and follow these warnings carefully:

  • Using a knife can cause serious injury such as laceration, puncture, or amputation;
  • Handle with care;
  • Keep out of reach of children;
  • Always keep blades away from fingers and body;
  • When not in use, store in its sheath or a safe place;
  • Do not pick it up the knife by the blade;
  • Do not use to strike with or against another tool, hardened nail, or other object;
  • Do not use if blades are dull, bent, chipped, loose at its pivot or otherwise damaged or if the handle is broken or loose;
  • Do not leave knives where accidental use may occur;
  • Do not leave knives loose on worktop surfaces where they can be pushed off;
  • Do not try to catch a falling knife;
  • Do not use the knife as a can opener;
  • Do not use the knife as a screwdriver or other work tool;
  • Do not carry knives while carrying other objects;
  • Do not engage in horseplay or in any animal play with a knife;
  • Do not carry a knife in your pocket;
  • Do not use the knife for prying;
  • Never take your eye off the knife;
  • Avoid distraction;
  • Knife has sharp edges and end.
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